With any website, ongoing maintenance is required. However, maintenance is not always about updating code.

These few suggestions will hopefully get you pointed in the right direction to spruce up your site with a little “Spring Cleaning“. These suggestions are by no means comprehensive but intended to get you thinking about areas that sometimes get overlooked!

Review The Content

Take a minute and read what your telling visitors. Is it the latest information? Does it still say what you want it to say? Sometimes we forget the exact messages we originally intended on sites that tend to be more ‘static’. Key areas to check;

1) Sliders

2) Above the Fold Text

3) Portfolio

4) Contact Us Pages.

These points of interest are typically the more highly trafficked pages on most sites.

Update Contact Info

This can be one of those OMG moments. Everybody has a contact us form but some people have Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, and many more social connections on their sites. Well… sometimes we stop using those services.

One of my favorite is when an email address is setup as your contact us form email and at some point you change service providers. Oops. Your contact us form is sending your contact requests to a dead email and you may not even know it.

Check your forms, check your contact info. Don’t miss your connections!

How Old Are Your Images?

Yep. You heard me, update your images. Website design is fun and photographing new images for your site brings new brilliance onto your canvas.

If your site see’s repeat visitors, this is vital. Imagine walking into a furniture showroom and the furniture was the same every time you walked in, sitting in the same spot, and collecting dust. Your website is just like this…. without the dust.

Update your images. Hang a few new pictures on the wall and get yourself some “new furniture”.

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