Website Design should always be this enjoyable. From designing to going live, working with IT Grandson was like working with family.

All Websites Include

Unlimited Everything

When we say “Unlimited Everything”, here’s what we mean.

  1. 100% Uptime Guarantee
  2. Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  3. Unlimited additional domains at no charge
  4. Unlimited Disk Storage
  5. Full Shell / SSH / FTP / SFTP Users
  6. Unlimited Email Accounts and space
  7. Unlimited number of databases
  8. Unlimited subdomains

So why is all this a big deal?

– GoDaddy, 100GB Disk Space, limited email addresses and databases. No hacker protection, cloud flare, or analytics.

– HostGator, Limited number of domains. No hacker protection, cloud flare, or analytics.

– TotalChoice, Limits to Disk Space and bandwidth. No hacker protection, cloud flare, or analytics.

 *As of December, 2013

100% Real Time Analytics and Reporting

Reporting and understanding your website should be a fundamental component of any site yet. However, a majority of all websites contain no analytics and no reporting. With all our websites you will receive a monthly, weekly, or daily reporting depending on your specific need.

Ever wanted to maximize your marketing dollar? In one report, know exactly how much money you’ve spent on a given ad, and how many people bought your product from that ad. Reporting and Analytic reporting can give you this detail.

SEO Optimization

The days of building a hundred keywords into a single page are over. Google search has become much more complex. We utilize some of the most popular and least known tools in the SEO industry to boost every website we build. SEO IS NOT AN ADDED COST, it’s a fundamental part of every website. Let us review with you a comprehensive plan to boost your search engine ranking and get you noticed in more places on the internet.

Mobile Compatibility

Every design we recommend will be mobile compatible. Really.

We can also adapt a mobile site to compliment your existing site, with no redesign on your main site. Today, more and more web traffic comes from mobile devices and our sites are built to accomodate.

24/7 Hacker Monitoring

We want to stop the hacker from creating a problem for you and your customers. Nobody can prevent a hack completely but we will meet your security expectations and setup applications to monitor your site 24/7.

Depending on your site, we have premium options available for added online security but we’d rather not give away all our secrets here!

2x Daily Backups

2x daily backups is pretty intense. But if you want more, or less, we can do that too. We backup your entire database, backend, plug-in’s, extensions, themes, etc. We can work with you on how many we keep and for how often but we try to setup backup’s so we feel your site can easily be restored if necessary.

Free Cloudflare Protection

If you don’t know Cloudflare, check them out. Cloudflare does two very simple things; load your site faster and keep your site safer. IT Grandson recommends all sites utilize Cloudflare unless there are special circumstances. Premium content distribution options are available but we’d also like to chat with you in more detail about those!

E-Commerce, Multilingual, and more

We’re experienced will all aspects of E-Commerce. If you need help getting your business online and setting up the complete fulfillment process, we can help. We can help you with setting up your E-Commerce store, linking to the bank account, printing shipping labels, shipping internationally, tax (.. ok we really don’t like that one but we can help.), and even helping you expand your business to Amazon or other 3rd party sites.


Need to express yourself in many languages? We can help with that as well. Your site can begin with access to the top 40 most used languages (so most likely your covered). If not, we can explore options to help.